Meet Beth

Hello! I’m Beth, and I’m a travel writer from Calgary, AB, Canada!


My history with travel:

2010: I finished University and decided to take a three month trip to Australia! I packed a bag, said a teary farewell to my parents, and flew across the world. The three month trip I planned, became an entire year Down Under!

2011: I left Australia and flew to Indonesia. I was there for a month before flying home the long way (through Scotland to visit my sister).

2012: I moved to Vancouver, BC and explored the beautiful west coast of Canada!

2013: I went back to university to begin a second degree! I completed a field study to Ireland, and while I was across the pond, visited Paris and Amsterdam!

2014: At the beginning of the year, I moved to Wellington, New Zealand to complete a semester abroad!

2015: At the beginning of this year, I moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands to complete another semester abroad!

2016: I decided to try being a tourist in my own town for a while, so I spent the year exploring Calgary and writing articles for a local publication about things to do in and around the city I call home.

2017/2018: It was time for a change again, so I packed up a bag and went to Italy with my lover. Our 30 day trip turned into 15 months! We bought a van and drove through 14 countries in Europe, and even hopped the ferry to Morocco for three months!

2019: Is off to a roaring start! I spent a week in San Pancho, Mexico with my lover, eating delicious food and soaking up the sun. Then, my sister and I went to a small village in Guatemala to learn Spanish!

So, now you know!

I love to travel! When I go, I try to experience everything a place has to offer: I ate the delicacy Balut (a developing duck embryo) in Cambodia, I went on an epic canyoning adventure in New Zealand, I almost drowned in down at the biggest pillow fight in the world in Amsterdam!

I don’t track my experiences by listing how many countries I have lived in, or how many cities I have traveled to. I believe traveling is about experience and can’t be quantified. The little moments are the most important and I fall in love with those fine details many don’t notice.

I share stories of my adventures from everywhere I’ve been in this great wide world. With photos, videos, and stories, I hope to entertain. I focus on the little things that make the places I visit unique, and the things that make me fall in love with them. I hope you enjoy!

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