Playing Games at Buttermilk Waffles

Before I turned 18 and was able to meet my friends and drink at the bar, I would often hang out with friends at one of our parent’s house and play board games. Settlers of Catan, Cranium, Charades, even the Game of Life, but only if we were really bored. It seems to me not enough of my time is spent playing board games with my friends anymore. I decided to make a change!

I follow Buttermilk Waffles, the waffle place on 17th Ave. on Instagram (because who doesn’t want to see multiple pictures of fluffy, delectable waffles flooding their newsfeed?), and found out that they have board game night on Wednesday nights! I collected my three best board game buds and we head to Buttermilk.

We each ordered our dinner— waffles— and took a seat. While Chris read the rules of Taboo aloud, I drooled over the Apple Bacon Cheddar waffle that was placed in front of me. He slowly became an adult in Charlie Brown as I tuned him out and focused on ensuring my every bite had the perfect ratio of homemade apple compote, and freshly chopped bacon bits.

When we finally got the game started, it was super fun! Taboo is a game in which you try to have your team guess the word on the card but can’t say the other associated words listed on the card. The descriptions that come out are ridiculous. When trying to get Anna to guess ‘jumping,’ I said, “When you move your body to the sky then to the ground, to the sky to the ground.” Chris said, “weird young ones eat this,” when trying to get Ryan to guess crayons.

We thought about playing another game, but instead ordered more waffles. I learned that while games night started on Wednesdays, Buttermilk leaves their games out every day so waffle eaters can partake in board game any night of the week! That being said, on Wednesday nights, the Buttermilk Classic waffle is only $5! A beautiful fluffy waffle with butter and maple syrup is the perfect dessert. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night than with board games, Buttermilk, and my radical friends. Thanks for the waffles and games, Calgary!

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