Market Collective

You know when you walk or drive by certain places and you just think, Man, everyone in there is just so cool. Maybe it’s the hip people typing away on their computers in the window of Analog on 17th Ave. Maybe it’s when you drive past a packed Ship and Anchor patio on a Friday afternoon and it’s full of happy, smiling people. Or maybe it’s when you bicycle past a super cool art or music happening going on at ContainR in Sunnyside. Market Collective at the Chinese Cultural Centre is definitely another one of these places.

Market Collective was started by two women, Angel Guerra and Angela Dione in 2008, and has become a thriving local event in Calgary. The market showcases the work and art of Calgarian talent. Musicians create a soundtrack for the market, snacks and coffee drinks are served, and tables are set up so local artists may sell their creations, including clothing, jewellery, books, paintings, and drawings. The market takes place every month or two and has a $5 entrance fee.

The atmosphere of this place is rad. There is so much hustle and bustle in the room, people milling about, chatting, introducing themselves to the vendors and fellow shoppers. There was such an array of things to look at and buy. I really appreciate Market Collective because it is a well curated group of vendors. There is such a variety of goods to buy, but the sentiment is the same— community. Shoppers of all ages and ethnicities, from all walks of life, who have brought their family or their friends, sporting different hairstyles, fashion ideas, and various body art, all take an hour out of their totally unique lives to come together in this one place.

The paintings of bacon, the sassy calligraphy, the handmade leather goods, the beautiful handmade jewellery, the brightly coloured abstract paintings, the handmade wooden calligraphy pens, and the pressed leaf art were just a few of my favourite things. Thanks for the local art and crafts, Calgary!

Market Collective is on once again this weekend, May 27-29. Check out the website for more details.

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